After-sales service

1. Purpose of after-sales service

Warm service, quick response, accurate judgment and integrity.

2. Measure guarantee of after-sales service

The marketing center sets up the after-sales service department, so as to set up the regional after-sales service center in six big cities, establish a perfect service network, answer the user's request within 4 hours, and strive to arrive at the site 24 hours for the urgently needed on-site service customers, and truly achieve "it is good for users to say yes".

3. Service quality commitment

High-quality service and "customer first" are our service principles. The engineering company is responsible for the after-sale service of military and civil products of the company, requiring the employees to respond to the work quickly, deal with problems timely, serve enthusiastically and strictly fulfill their commitments. Especially for military products, employees are required to be: meticulous in work, serious and responsible for product quality, and truly achieve customer satisfaction.

4. Commitment to product quality

Implement the commitment of "repair, return and replacement" to the quality problem, and achieve the customer's satisfaction.

5. Service hotline