How to properly manage and maintain the agricultural irrigation submersible pump

How to properly manage and maintain water submersible pumps in agriculture:

It's the busy season for agriculture again, and it's time for the pumps in the warehouses to come out and exercise.

1. Keep the pump in a dry place when it is not used.

2. Ensure bearing lubrication: the water-filled submersible pump shall check and replace the skeleton oil seal and lithium base grease of the bearing chamber of upper and lower ends. To ensure that the bearing temporarily operates in a well lubricated condition.

3. To make it longevity: it should be well maintained by diving pumps.

Put all the lubricating oil inside the sealing chamber and the motor. Replace the oil and ensure the lubrication system works properly.

Check the fragile parts. Use of damaged or unqualified parts is strictly prohibited. Check the vulnerable parts: diving pump impeller, buckle ring, bearing pedestal, etc. The pump should be partially removed first.

The upper pump case should be disassembled. 3. When the impeller is turned, it can be switched on and started again to prevent the parts from rusting and burning the motor. This is especially important for a water-filled motor.

If the resistance value is less than 0.5 megohm, 4 dry motor: measure the insulation resistance of the windings and enclosure with 500 megohm meter. Should drive motor moisture. The drying methods include external drying, current drying and combined drying. Outside drying method is to use the external heat source for treatment, the commonly used measures are: intermittent blowing hot air: using the electric blower of the electric heater, the small diving pump can be used to blow hot air) blowing hot air to achieve the purpose of dry treatment. Pay attention to the baking temperature not too high, should be controlled under 125 ℃; Dry dry current: motor three-phase winding can be connected in series or in parallel according to the impedance of submersible pump and power supply, and then connected to a variable resistor to adjust the current flow rate to about 60% of rated current value, electrified dry.

When replacing lubricants in the sealing chamber, ensure the sealing: the requirements of the agricultural diving pump are very strict. If oil is found to be muddy and high in water, the entire piece must be replaced or the sealing box or ring shall be replaced to ensure good sealing performance.

If excessive wear or clearance is found, check the bearing: check the motor's upper and lower bearings. The bearing should be replaced in time. "sick" is strictly prohibited. The inspection method is as follows: when the motor is running, there is a "knock" sound, and the period is directly proportional to the speed of rotation. When the rotor is rotated by hand, it feels strenuous, and the bearing raceway is a little bit astringent or avulsed. If there is a discontinuous lump in the bearing, there will be an indeterminate dead point when rotating the rotor by hand. In such cases, the bearing must be replaced to avoid further damage.