In the future, China's hardware pump industry still has room for development

Before 2015, the domestic economy was still developing vigorously, and the demand for hardware pumps in all industries was still strong. In the hardware industry, depending on internal demand, China's pump industry still has room for development.

Metal stainless steel pump has corrosion resistance, high strength, lightweight, long service life and other excellent features. In recent years, stainless steel pump has been widely used in shipbuilding, railway vehicles and other transportation industries. With the development of hardware machinery manufacturing industry, stainless steel pump will have a broader application prospect. From the consumption situation, at present, China's apparent consumption has reached the highest level in the world, close to 1/4 of the total global consumption, and the per capita consumption of stainless steel has reached 3.4kg, which has jumped to the top in developing countries. However, the growth rate of consumption gradually slowed down, from the super-high-speed development stage with an average annual growth rate of over 30% to the steady development stage with the current growth rate of 6.43%.