Price advantage becomes the main reason that our country pump is popular in international market

Analysis of the reason why water pump is very popular in international market: water pump manufacturing is labor-intensive industry. China has abundant human resources and low wage costs for its workers. Therefore, the pump products produced in China have a strong price advantage, which is also the most important reason for the popularity of the pump products in the international market.

The deficiency analysis of water pump technology in China: compared with the advanced technology in foreign countries, the technology of water pump industry in China still has a big gap. In some areas of high-end pump products are still far behind developed countries, and the overcapacity of low-end products is also one of the problems hindering the further improvement of China's pump industry.

The history and status of China's pump industry: the pump industry is a very long history of industry, but China's pump industry started much later than developed countries. By virtue of China's broad market demand and production advantages, China's water pump industry is developing at an extremely fast speed and has made outstanding achievements in the development of several decades. China's water pump industry is backward in capacity and cannot meet the demand of the domestic market. Many high-end equipment needs to be imported from abroad. Now, with the rise of China's manufacturing industry, China's water pump industry has formed a huge industrial scale, which not only meets the demand of the domestic market, but also exports abroad, making outstanding contributions to China's export earning.

The development prospect of China's water pump industry: with the improvement of labor security and the increase of raw material market price in recent years, the profit margin of China's water pump industry is gradually shrinking. At the same time, the rapid development of China's construction, environmental protection and other industries has made many foreign pump manufacturers take a fancy to China's broad market prospects, but also join in the fierce competition in the domestic pump market, to China's pump manufacturers brought a lot of pressure. Throughout the development of the pump market in China, the industry analysis, China's sustained growth of the market is the water pump enterprises production fertile soil. However, the domestic pump industry should also realize that it can't achieve long-term market development just based on price advantage. How to improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise from its own point of view should be considered and solved by China's pump enterprises in the future.