Typhoon ambi may make landfall along the coast of zhejiang from early morning of 22nd

Forecast of typhoon issued by China weather net at 06am on July 19:

Typhoon Ampil, no. 10 of this year, is a tropical storm. Name meaning: tamarind, a tamarind tree native to eastern Africa) yesterday (18) is being generated over the northwest Pacific Ocean at eight o 'clock in the evening, at five o 'clock this morning, its center is located in zhejiang xiangshan about 1350 kilometers to the southeast, is 19.7 degrees north latitude, 129.9 degrees east longitude, near central maximum wind grade eight (18 meters/seconds), center for minimum pressure 99800 mpa, seven 100 - solar or lunar halo radius 100 kilometers.


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"Than" Ann is expected to 10 to 15 km per hour speed to the northeast direction, 20, will be turning to northwest direction, to near ryukyu, strength to strengthen gradually, the strongest levels of strong tropical storm or typhoon (10-12 grade, 28-35 m/s), 21 southeast morning into the east China sea, and it could reach land by 22, the day in zhejiang coastal (levels strong tropical storm or typhoon, 10-12 level, 28-33 meters/seconds). After landing will continue to move northwest, the intensity gradually reduced.

Due to the combined influence of "embi" and the south China sea monsoon, the east China sea will have a gale force above 7 on the day of the 20th. Now there is still uncertainty, and it is impossible to tell whether it is a good typhoon that only brings a bit of wind and rain